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I imagine you read what I wrote.
I imagine you do
And I know that you don’t.
You don’t care to know my mind,
You walked away and left me behind.
In reality it’s me that’s ahead,
It’s irrelevant now
But my ego just fled.

If I knew that you read what I write,
I would tell you with no delight:

You hurt me
Please come back
And never desert me
Please be good
And respect me
Take care
And reassert me
Understand me, please
Accept me
Make it better with a kiss
Tell me I’m the one you miss
Please come back a different man,
Give me the things you didn’t back then…

And since all of this is not you,
I will never speak to you again.

WRITTEN: MAR 19, 2022

15 responses to “Heartbreak”

  1. I am glad I read this… if he did, maybe he would change…though he won’t hear from you, but surely you should hear from him… Nevertheless, this poem is your walk away and right/write away… expressed with dignity

    • Thank you so much for your words. I don’t want him to change, I wanted him to change his behavior towards me and to keep my dignity, I am by myself. I wish I would hear from him but i will not wait for it

  2. I like this very much. 👍
    Years ago I wrote this, it does not rhyme, but I did that purposely because I rhyme everything, hope it is ok to share

    Here I am alone
    I thought you would be here
    Forever means nothing
    An illusion I chose to create
    From words so often spoken
    Words I chose to believe
    Foolish of an innocent heart
    Innocent of love, but not pain
    I guess I expected more
    Something better from you
    I was wrong to trust
    With my innocent heart
    I was wrong to trust you.
    Katherine Spitzer 1991

    #poetry #life #pain

    • Thank you and of course, also thank you for sharing. I love when we can find ourselves in someone else’s writings, and yours is a beautiful piece 😊

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