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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


Life goes on
The days turn
And I’m stuck.
Life goes on
But I don’t
And that’s a problem,
That only affects me.
No one cares how shattered my world may be.
I’m heart broken as a Greek plate
And I am contrite to reflect,
I let love become destructive
Instead of constructive.
I feel like it’s my fault
And I should just let it go
But my heart is full of love
That has no place to flow.

I should love myself, they say;
But this love I have is for a man.
I should love God, they say;
But God is not a man.
I should and I shouldn’t
Everyone seem to know best,
Yet my heart disagrees
And my days are unrest.
I want to be numb so I don’t feel the pain,
But I have to feel the pain to recall my own name.
I don’t want to say goodbye
But now I think I can.

In the desert’s dusk an echo fades,
I failed
I failed.

A tumultuous sandstorm,
A man is gone
A woman is gone.
People ask for things they cannot handle,
Then it all goes wrong.
You wanted to domain so
I let you lead, and
You lead me to oblivion.
You lead me to more gray hairs, lead.
Caused my eyes to wrinkle, many tears shed.

No wonder I feel that
I failed
I failed.

I fade. I’m dead. I’m free. I’m me.

WRITTEN: MAR 17, 2022

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