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Pink & Blue

The biggest contradiction in me,
I think,
Is that
I could have easily covered
All aspects of my life,
Yes, so I claim,
If only I had
A love of a man.
Everything would align at once
When romance would be obtained.

How am I, such a magnificent woman,
Diminish myself to be worth a love of a person
Who is not me?
It doesn’t sit well with where I stand
Or want to be.

On the other hand, I don’t care.
I want to be a Princess sometimes, not a Queen.
To know sweet secrets that he and I share
In a blossoming garden at I can endlessly stare
Without a care in the world and the world does not scare.

What do I care to be right
If being straight feels so great?
I want to know that I am chosen,
To feel awake.

Some people want fame
And I just want love from one man.

I feel I have to be ashamed
And I don’t want to be restrained,

I long to be contained
And feel
A love sustained.

WRITTEN: MAR 16, 2022

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    • Oh thank you again! I will do as you ask. In the following days. I actually thought about it as well because I love this poem. I did it on another piece, Farewell, and I love the outcome so I wanted to read another one

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