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My heart is overloaded with love
That’s why it’s always broken,
It keeps cracking from the inside out.

Love keeps exploding inside of me.
Lava rivers flow, consuming my insides.

If they had a place to flow to they could cool down, become tangible rocks, proof of existence.

As of now they are formless, unaccessible, untouchable, too hot and too wild to handle.

I feel physical pain containing this inside me, alone.
No takers, plenty haters.
Abusers, Users.

Riding on my wave.

Taking my energy.

I want to catch a break!

The world keeps turning, days pass


My pain remains untamable,

Swiftly swirling and roaring through space.

It seems like I’m at the bottom of an erupting volcano watching my pain hurling outside my body,

But in fact all this intensity is inside my heart, my poor heart, my aching, pumping, longing heart.

One day soon this pain will be gone.

It will become a solid rock I can look at from afar.

I can feel it.

WRITTEN: DEC, 2019 ; MAR 7, 2022

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