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Alone & Afraid

I feel like my heart is torn
Shredded into pieces.

I’m alone and not alone and feel alone and not alone and sometimes lonely and sometimes free.

I miss my family.
I want to create a family of my own
But then again,
I’m alone
So alone.

Even when I’m not, I am.
No one knows my deepest pain.

I’m afraid I’m going to die soon
Without kids
I’m afraid no man will take me for a wife.

I’m so afraid
I want to scream
I feel in a void
Without a partner, without a family.

No one tastes the food I make.
I’m all alone.
Inside and out

What does my being even mean?
I beg God to embrace me
No man does.
I don’t.
Please God help me.

WRITTEN: AUG 7, 2021

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