Life Around The Corner

Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


We are wholly creatures, torn apart from within, conducting a dance – at times a battle – to simultaneously achieve balance and climax.

We are limited creatures, holding eternity in our soul. When we utilize “now” we are boundless.

We seek anchor in the past because we are afraid to be free and sail smoothly through the great universe.

We are Everything even when we are nothing.

To be brave one must be in fear.

Light and shadows are embedded in each other so we could see the world.

Sight is in us indifferent to the act of seeing, we are able to have clear sight in full bright light.

We are light. We can have sight of ourselves.

Here will be published words from the depth of the darkest oceans and the tallest cliffs.

Words written in shackles, weeping for freedom.

Words that describe immense inner battles and pure longing for Good.

Please enjoy yourself and

Thank you for reading.

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