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Preface / Introduction: Updated

The idea of this Blog existed in my mind for quite a while and the courage to start it came to me after a long conversation with my siblings. I realized that perhaps there IS an audience that can relate to the awful feelings I have reluctantly endured for so many years.

The notion that someone can benefit from reading these posts fuels me to share the most horrid, and beautiful, thoughts I had over the past years. If by reading this content one person can feel less lonely in this world then I have contributed something to humanity.

The order of the posts is not chronological and they are, at least as a starting point, a collection of writings from recent years and the present. Therefore some of them were not originally meant for anyone to read, and yet I decided to share them with an open heart. I intend to keep sharing new content as my life progresses.

Some posts describe the lowest of lows and some a higher ground. They are all carved from the depths of my being.

I believe reading this Blog is a fascinating journey through the path of a brilliant mind in constant search of meaning and hope, a person who despite engaging in thoughts of dying wants nothing more than to live a happy, fulfilling life.

This is a journey of the non-compromising soul, roaming the universe in search of the light within; digging deep into the darkest matter to extract love and spread it beyond measure.

The name of this Blog is derived from Tupac’s song “Death Around the Corner” along with the understanding that life, or the life that we want to live, is always present and always available to us. Whether “around the corner” seems far or close to us, our life is ours to walk in as we please.

Further Introduction:

Some time passed,
I have released almost all my former writings intended for this Blog. Now I decided to add the date of conception for each piece, old and new. This will demonstrate that sadness and pain coexist with progress and happiness at any stage of our lives. It will also provide context, or a fuller image of me at any given present.
It is important to clarify, however – I am not the main object of my Blog, you are.

I will continue to share my honest pieces to maintain this Blog’s objective of helping you feel less alone or lonely.

In this context,
I will mention that did not intend to share my poetry in this Blog. However, I realized I find it as therapeutic as any other form of writing. When I read other people’s poems, I feel I found friends in far away places. That makes me feel less alone.
Perhaps, then, my poetry can do that for you.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy,

Tut Yashar.

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